Working together with clients including builders, property developers, architects, building designers, building owners, and government bodies, ASA is genuinely passionate about building surveying.

Building Permits

Simply, if you build anything these days you will need a building permit. It could be issued for a stage or the whole of the proposed building work. It is a legal document with site specific details, conditions and a list of documentation endorsed for your approval to build.

ASA Building Consultants provide:

Preliminary Service

  • Assess overall project to ensure compliance with the Building Code requirements.
  • Provide preliminary reviews and regulatory advice to the design team.
  • Liaise with relevant authorities.
  • Identify any possible performance solutions, modifications and exemptions/partial compliance.

Building Permit Services

  • Progressively review and advise on Building Code compliance with architectural, structural and services drawings and specifications.
  • Advise on the requirements for public protection and protection works for adjoining properties.
  • Issue building permit(s) in a timely and accurate manner.

Mandatory Inspections

Manage and carry out the mandatory inspections during construction as specified in each building permit.

Occupancy Permit and Certificates of Final Inspection

  • Carry out preliminary final inspections prior to completion to ensure no anticipated delays.
  • Conduct final inspection once works are complete.
  • Review all necessary reports and certificates at completion of the project.
  • Issue Certificate of Final Inspection / Occupancy Permit upon all works being completed.
  • Issuing of maintenance determination and schedule.

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Building Inspections

Property is usually most people’s biggest asset and ASA Building Consultants offer the service of carrying out the necessary inspections to ensure buildings are habitable, safe and provided with quality workmanship that is expected when investing so much money. We have registered and specialised inspectors who are well informed with the latest legislative requirements.

For Mandatory Inspections please refer to the “Building Permit” section for further information.

Inspection services we offer:

Quality Assurance

Take away your stress and have us carry out Stage-by-Stage inspections for contract progress payments to ensure quality control and peace of mind (inspections could include pre slab, steel, frame, lock up, water proofing, pre plaster, fixing and final).

Swimming Pool Safety

The legislation requires owners of old and new swimming pools and spas to be registered with their local Council and ensure the safety barriers are inspected once every four years. Our team can facilitate the mandatory inspections and compliance certificate for owners who have a swimming pool, spa and safety barriers on their property.

Owner Builder Defects Report

They are a legal requirement also referred to as a 137B Report. The report describes defects, incomplete works, deterioration, framing issues and if second-hand materials have been used. If you have undertaken building works as an owner builder and decide to sell your property, you will need this report completed prior and we are able to do this for you in a timely manner.

Dispute Resolution

When there is a dispute on site due to a disagreement on building works that have occurred, we can help in resolving the matter along with reaching an amicable outcome for all parties concerned.

Dilapidation Reports

Help to confirm whether or not your construction or demolition work is the cause of any damage to nearby buildings, by being provided with a clear and concise record of the conditions including photographs and applicable descriptions.

Construction Advice

Offer advice during the construction phase for challenges that arise.

If you are an owner, solicitor or conveyancer (appointed by owners), or a builder stuck on a particular matter we can assist you. To find out how and for a quick turnaround, call us today!

Building Consultancy & Regulatory Advice

ASA Building Consultants provide clear and precise regulatory services across the entire spectrum of the building industry, supporting owners, builders and other industry professionals.

Our broad range of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • Pre Development Advice to ensure that you have a smooth transition from inception to construction.
  • Advise on the impact of regulations including strategies to take advantage of the Performance Requirements of the BCA to achieve savings or preferred design outcomes.
  • Identify compliance issues, performance based regulatory assessments and potential exemption allowances early in the development.
  • Protection Work representation and resolution.
  • Certification of documentation for compliance with the BCA and any relevant State Regulations in the case of Commonwealth or State Government Projects.
  • Obtain Property Information, Legal Point of Discharge and other relevant authority information on your behalf in the early stages of design to enable you to make informed decisions.
  • If you already have an appointed building surveyor from the private sector or Council, we can still act on your behalf to fast track the process.
  • Relevant authority applications, negotiations and consultations.

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Performance Solutions

The National Construction Code (NCC) is Australia’s performance-based building code. It sets the minimum technical requirements for the construction of new buildings and new building work in existing buildings. A building solution will comply with the NCC if it satisfies the relevant Performance Requirements.

The options available to comply with the NCC’s requirements include:

  • Performance Solution – provides customised solutions allowing flexibility and encourages the use of technology to meet Performance Requirements.
  • Deemed-to-Satisfy Solution (prescriptive) – this includes materials, components, design factors and construction methods that if used are deemed to meet the Performance Requirements hence the term “Deemed-to-Satisfy”.
  • A combination of Performance and Deemed-to-Satisfy Solutions.


The ceiling height of a bedroom is proposed to be 2.2m over 20% of the floor area of the room, which is less than the Deemed-to-Satisfy solution of 2.4m.

The Performance Requirement states:

‘FP3.1 A habitable room or space must have sufficient height that does not unduly interfere with its intended use’

The expert has assessed the proposed Alternative Solution against the Performance Requirements and concluded that, in their opinion, based upon supporting data submitted, the reduced ceiling height would not unduly interfere with the use of the room and subsequently assessed the solution as complying with BCA Performance Requirements.

Each situation is unique and ASA Building Consultants have the ability to “think outside the box” and assist in providing a suitable Performance Solution to achieve compliance with the applicable Performance Requirements.

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Expert Witness Report for VCAT purposes & other legal proceedings

In situations where building disputes cannot be resolved, one of the parties may seek recourse through costly legal means, such as the Victorian Civil Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), Building Appeals Board (BAB) and other court hearings.

VCAT requires expert opinion based on evidence associated to the issues at hand, in the way of a written report or an expert witness present at the hearing. The report outlines the defect(s) and non-compliant building works present within a structure.

We are engaged by solicitors, builders, owners and other relevant parties and have an established reputation with lawyers who refer our services. We have attended numerous hearings and substantial dealings with VCAT matters.

ASA Building Consultants provide clear and comprehensive reports with relevant and impartial evidence in the building industry. Our team offer an unbiased opinion based on extensive experience and qualifications, supporting our clients through the process to facilitate positive outcomes.

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Works Carried Out Without A Permit

ASA Building Consultants understand in the excitement of buying a new house or getting started on renovations, homeowners sometimes forget to obtain permits or do not realise permits are required. The majority of the time, if you change the architectural or structural layout of any part of a house or building, a building permit and associated inspection(s) are necessary. If there are no permits for the works, the local Council will issue a Building Notice or Building Order which could result in costly consequences. Our team have experience in satisfying Council obligations and are able to review and certify documentation and building works.

Although it is always better to have a consultation prior to carrying out any building works or purchasing a new house or building, we are happy to assist you and advise how to bring the works that have been commenced or completed without a building permit to compliance.

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Town Planning

Prior to works commencing, the relevant local Council must give approval for the proposed land use or development in the form of a Town Planning Permit. The Council will make their decision based on the impact of a new building or land use will have on the neighbourhood and its municipality.

ASA Building Consultants offer general advice and guide you in the right direction on how to obtain the Planning Permit. We have an established network of connections and collectively we can help with the intricate details of the application to provide a hassle free process which will save you time.

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Liquor Licence

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation require an evidence of patron capacity when applying for a new liquor licence or transferring an existing liquor licence. Every business that plans to supply alcohol in Victoria requires a liquor licence.

ASA Building Consultants have suitably qualified and registered building surveyors to assist and provide the necessary Maximum Patron Capacity report which forms part of the application. The report specifies the maximum number of patrons allowed in the licenced premises at any one time and takes into account the boundaries of the proposed area to be licenced.

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