Working together with building owners, builders, property developers, architects, building designers and government bodies, ASA is an established consultancy company genuinely passionate about everything building surveying embodies.

Efficient Solutions & Services at a Competitive Price

Once you supply our team with all of your project’s relevant materials, ASA has a quick turnaround time. We offer a consistent, confidential and efficient service at a competitive price. ASA is a knowledgeable, trustworthy, caring, reliable, and passionate team. We will find the solutions necessary to bring your design to meet compliance, saving you money without compromising the safety of the community.

Together, our team have decades of years of experience allowing us to solve problems and provide solutions in brief meetings or phone conferences.

We are driven to understand our clients’ unique needs and are solution orientated. This is the real value that you receive with ASA.

The services we offer in building surveying are extensive and far more than just building permits, such as:

  • Retail, Office & Hospitality Fit-out Permits
  • Medical Fit-out Permits
  • Preliminary Building Consultancy
  • Building Inspections
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Certification of Building Works carried out without a permit
  • Modification of Building Applications
  • Building Permit Training Sessions
  • Liquor License Patron Capacity Reports
  • Advice relating to Building Regulations
  • Expert Witness Reports for VCAT purposes
  • Review of Fire Safety Engineering solutions
  • Support with Town Planning
  • Planning Applications for new Shopfronts and Signage


Building Permits

It is an offence to undertake building work without the relevant building permit.

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Works Carried Out Without a Permit

Our team have experience in satisfying Council obligations and are able to review and certify all documentation and building works.

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Building Inspections

Building inspections determine whether work performed is in line with regulations.

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Building Consultancy & Regulatory Advice

ASA Building Consultants provide clear and precise regulatory services across the entire spectrum of the building industry…

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Building Permits

Works Carried Out
Without a Permit

Building Inspections

Building Consultancy & Regulatory Advice

International, Interstate, and Regional Victoria Coverage – Educating Clients and Solving Problems

ASA Building Consultants are registered and licensed in Victoria, Queensland and ACT and can offer trusted advice whether you are interstate or from overseas.
We care about being actively involved in the building industry, as this keeps us at the forefront of current legislation. This is shown in how we take a personalised approach, getting to know you, and then adjusting our communication style to suit your individual needs, expectations, and level of knowledge. We enjoy offering guidance and educating our clients, whether you are experienced in the industry or just starting out.

ASA Building Consultants have experience in delivering a wide range of projects, from small commercial tenant improvements, to large-scale developments, government and clinic projects, and industrial facilities.

With ASA Building Consultants, you can be confident our experienced team will review, inspect, and check all building areas are compliant with National Building Codes and Standards, thus ensuring a well-constructed project.

Multi-Language Support and Advice

The ASA team is an inclusive, diverse group of like-minded people. Offering a broad range of services for international clients, including English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Greek, French, and Russian. This enables us to provide a personalised level of service by communicating with our clients in their preferred language. We work heavily within the Asian building market in Australia.

A Focus on Risk Mitigation

Risk mitigation is a major focus and we have created systems, processes and policies to allow us to achieve building compliance, safety and efficiency. We resolve problems as opposed to adding to them and care about our clients to find creative solutions to meet their needs.


Up-to-date on legislation, and with unlimited registration, one ASA company director sits on technical boards in the industry, while another has lectured in higher education building surveying courses. Our finger is on the pulse because we know the industries systems, as well as our clients’ expectations.

Keeping in mind that we are bound by rules and regulations, ASA goes above and beyond, and as a result our clients achieve their desired outcomes.

Building Solutions for Professional Businesses and Industries

There are often many obstacles to overcome during the design and construction process or even after a project is completed.

ASA Building Consultants revels in finding solutions to these difficulties. We also explain all of the implications you would have had to contend with if not having first sought our advice. Put simply, we suffer for our customers, but receive a great deal of satisfaction from seeing our clients’ appreciation after helping them to negate risk, potential problems and achieve compliance.