The ASA Building Consultants Story

The story of ASA Building Consultants goes back to 1997, just three years after building surveying was privatised in Australia. ASA’s directors, Sam Loizou and Arthur Liacopoulos, began working in the industry, and by 2003 they decided to start a building permit, surveying, and consultancy service of their own. Building designers, architects, developers, owners and builders themselves all appreciate Sam and Arthur’s propensity to find solutions to technical issues that may arise – devising solutions to save time and money, without compromising compliance.

ASA’s (Arthur, Sam and Associates) mission is to provide advice, solutions, and permits for all types of buildings, and to always go above and beyond for the client in order to achieve the desired outcome.

The ASA Building Consultants Team

When in the building design stage, ASA reviews and assesses your project, and this analysis continues on through the construction stage until project completion. The ASA team has been handpicked over the years, and includes qualified building surveyors, registered building inspectors, as well as staff with performance building surveying qualifications, and civil engineering degrees.

The ASA Building Consultants Approach

ASA develops positive working relationships with our clients, genuinely getting to know them as people. This is why a large percentage of ASA’s customers come via word-of-mouth referral. We care for our clients, and it shows via our consistent and predictable interactions with customers. You always know what to expect from ASA.


Company Director

Sam Loizou

Sam Loizou is a well-established Building Surveyor and Consultant who has served the building industry for over two decades. He is renown in the industry for his fair and reasonable approach. He has a sharp sense of everything building surveying entails and his unique capacity of experience in design, certification, inspection and construction supervision, enables him to provide concise information and practical solutions. He enjoys helping people and is willing to go above and beyond to resolve issues.

In addition to representing clients at VCAT, Sam has sat on a number of important technical boards, including three years on the ‘Building Regulations Advisory Committee’, which is appointed by the Planning Minister of Victoria. He is currently on the HIA technical board and is the Convenor/Chairperson of the AIBS Eastern Building Surveyors and Inspectors Branch.

Sam is actively involved in promoting the industry to continually evolve, by presenting at career exhibitions and cadet mentoring.

Company Director

Arthur Liacopoulos

With experience in the building surveying industry spanning over two decades, Arthur has a wealth of knowledge in all facets of Building Surveying. He has passed on his expertise to students which he has lectured at Holmesglen Vocational and Higher Education which he continues to help develop and mentor.

Arthur understands it is imperative to keep up to date with current regulations.

Further to this he is passionate and involved in the development of innovative database and computer systems to ensure efficient operations, which is an integral part of the continuous evolvement of the company.