ASA Building Consultants are a dedicated team you can rely on and cover any project from Residential to Commercial and Industrial, Change of Use and Demolition.


ASA Building Consultants empathise there can be an emotional impact when renovating or altering your home and the financial stress that can also occur. We will be by your side every step of the way to allow your concept to become reality.

Our team are highly experienced with residential projects ranging from minor additions and alterations, to new dwellings, town house developments and apartment complexes. We work with the owner, designer and builder to make sure each project is built to correct standards and deliver timely building permits. We work together to improve building practices as a whole and the benefits of this is to ensure improved turnaround times and ongoing support.

Our innovative approach and commitment ensure the finished product is completed in a safe and efficient manner.

Commercial and Industrial

ASA Building Consultants appreciate every project starts with a vision and with our assistance in the early stages, we can help achieve the imaginable. Our team understand all commercial projects are different and building regulations are constantly updating therefore we assess each project on an individual basis.

We are highly experienced with commercial and industrial projects ranging from minor alterations to existing buildings, new warehouses, factories, medical clinics, aged care facilities and public assembly buildings.

We specialise in all facets of commercial and industrial projects and our goal is to achieve compliant, efficient and cost-effective solutions as well as streamline your project from an idea through to completion.

Fitout – Office | Retail | Hospitality

Offices are more than just desks and chairs.
Retail shops are more than just goods and services.
Hospitality is more than just food and beverages.

We understand the pressures and time constraints involved in commercial fitout projects. Our team work in a timely manner to achieve a fast turnaround to avoid excessive financial impact. We are recognised in the industry dealing with centre management of shopping centres, real estate agents and the relationships we have with other relevant commercial parties.

We pride ourselves on achieving a streamlined positive outcome and practical solutions which can include partial compliance/exemptions in circumstances where there are existing building constraints.


ASA Building Consultants have maintained their reputation of providing quality service and quick turnarounds. Whether the demolition work is for a residential or commercial building, we ensure that all the regulatory matters are identified upon application such as: –

  • Protection works.
  • Planning permit requirements.
  • Heritage overlay.
  • Report and Consent from the council which are reviewed early in the application process to ensure time delays are avoided.

We understand timing is everything and ensure issues are addressed promptly.

Change of Use from Class 1a to Class 1b

Changing the use of your home (building class 1a) to “shared” accommodation can appear overwhelming due to all the regulatory obstacles.

ASA Building Consultants recognise the population growth and that separate housing is not as affordable for people as it used to be. Shared accommodation has become another attainable living option. Our team know what is essential for the conversion to occur and the specific requirements along with the obstacles you could face. We use discretionary powers to allow the works to occur and to get your accommodation up and running.

Minor Works

We appreciate small structures such as carports, verandahs, deckings, sheds and shade sails or even re-stumping a dwelling, are important too and that they require a building permit. With many years of extensive experience in the industry, we are highly knowledgeable with these types of works and can assist you in enjoying your improvement to your home without any unnecessary delays.